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Why Congress Needs to Pass the Elder Justice Act Now!

Every year, an estimated five million older Americans are beaten, ignored or financially exploited, causing illness, suffering and premature death. The cost to the nation’s seniors of financial abuse alone is estimated at $2.6 billion.

Elder abuse is a silent issue.  It robs the nation’s elders of their dignity, their security and, in some cases, costs them their lives.  But, the voices of America’s frail and vulnerable elders are rarely heard.

What has changed is that we are listening.  We are watching.  The stories on this site let Congress, the media and you know why passage of the Elder Justice Act is essential.

We can no longer deny our elders the diginity and security they deserve. It’s time to break the silence and speak out against elder abuse.  Please join the campaign and urge Congress to pass the Elder Justice Act now!

ADD YOUR VOICE NOW – Sign the petition to Congress!

To learn more about NCOA and WITNESS’ work on the campaign, please read the About Us section.

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